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A repair service for your guitars and other instruments.

*By appointment only*


Why choose us?


Founded by a former professional guitarist, Houle Lutherie is an affordable repair center for all guitars and other types of instruments, located on the edge of Plateau Mont-Royal, in Montreal.

All unpredictable situations do not scare us: we will be able to resolve them while guaranteeing a service that is as professional as it is friendly.





This service includes:

    - Complete inspection of the instrument

    - Adjustment of the handle curve

    - Change of strings

    - Cleaning and hydrating the fingerboard

    - Fret polishing

    - Key lubrication

    - Adjusted the action at the nut and nbsp;           bridge

    - Microphone height adjustment

    - Intonation adjustment

    - Cleaning and lubricating electronics

    - Adjustment of the floating bridge (if applicable)

Price (ropes not included):

      90$   +Txs

*Floyd Rose type floating bridge

      125$  + Txs

Other repairs & modifications

    - Broken head

    - Finishing

    - Fret leveling

    - Refretting

    - Cracks

    - Bridge regluing

    - Nut repair and carving             (plastic, bone, Corian, Tusq, etc.)

*Contact us for more information on our many services.




Telephone     514-792-6497

Address        5425 Rue de Bordeaux                                                Suite 201A,     

                       Montreal, Qc, H2H 2P9 


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